Publications and preprints


  • “Assorted topics in applied mathematics”, Institute for Human Neuroscience Seminar, Boys Town Research Hospital, December 2021, Omaha, NE
  • “TROPHY: A variable precision trust region method”, SASSY Seminar, Argonne National Laboratory, July 2021 (remote)
  • “Design matrix uncertainty: robust optimization and approximate MLE approaches”, SIAM Conference in Optimization, July 2021, Spokane, WA (remote)
  • “Approximate maximum likelihood estimators for linear regression with design matrix uncertainty”, SIAM Front Range Student Conference, March 2021, Denver, CO (remote)
  • “Optimal Convergence of the Shortley-Weller Formula for Poisson’s Equation over an Interior Non-Uniform Grid”, Diff. Equations and Applied Math Seminar, May 2017, Texas State University – San Marcos, TX